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Residences Oneworks

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“The extraordinary landscape of the lake is seen from every internal and external space.”

In contact with water

The Oneworks Residences unfold in two different blocks that rest on a foundation reclaimed by the facade of the old ceramic-works facility. The foundation hosts a small Hotel de Charme, with restaurant and SPA equipped with suspended swimming pool. The apartments all enjoy lake views thanks to the terraces, true outdoor spaces that face the water.

Lake view

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All of the apartments enjoy splendid lake views and feature terraces, ample windows and double views.

Elevated living comfort

Only the highest quality materials have been chosen for this project to ensure an excellent living comfort. Advanced technological systems also guarantee energy savings in every single apartment

Certified quality

Our work is tailored, everything depends on your satisfaction. During the building phase, it will be possible to decide size and exposition of the individual rooms and finishes.


Oneworks Studio

The strength of the project lies in the reorganization of the majority of the services within one of the unique historic industrial structures on the western front of the sites. The new layout respects the space and dimensions of the building, and aims to provide a volumetric distribution in line with the urban fabric of Laveno.

A park connects the surrounding mountains, the lake and the city, creating a unique panorama. Starting from the main walkway, the public spaces between the lakefront buildings connect the gardens located on the eastern side of the lake.

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Residences Archea

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