Hotel director Stefano Besani presents

I am Stefano Besani, director of Hotel de Charme since 2018, so I saw the structure being born in 2014 when my career here in Laveno began.

We are now a well-established reality with twenty people who work daily to the maximum satisfaction of our customers and guests – almost 24 hours a day – trying to make people who visit Lake Maggiore for the first time or those who have already chosen us for several other times experience a unique emotion.


The hotel was created inside a ceramic factory. It is a more unique experience than in other hotel facilities. We are here inside a factory where the last relative was Richard Ginori, who had carried on his business here in Laveno with also an important appeal to the population. The real estate company that decided to invest here in Laveno with their experiences in building and reviving existing structures, then had a hotel built within what were the remains of the factory to become a bit of a service center for the whole complex that is being built.


The rental service is designed specifically for owners who want to bring their apartment into income and use the hotel as a channel to be able to manage this service without worries. Club De Charme is a service that we dedicate to apartment owners, who, through membership in this club, which has three different levels, can have access to the hotel, mainly enjoy access to the spa, wellness and thus the whole wellness part, as well as have discounts and advantages regarding the restaurant services that the hotel offers.

Published on 4 June 2024