Our trip to Laveno:

A weekend full of enjoyment and relaxation

Laveno, located on the picturesque shores of Lago Maggiore, is a true gem of Italy that is often overlooked by travellers. Our trip to Laveno was a welcome break that allowed us to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, excellent Italian cuisine and the tranquillity of the lake, as our clients normally do.
Our journey began on Friday afternoon when we arrived in Laveno. The warm, welcoming atmosphere of the town greeted us immediately. Our first stop was the Hotel de Charme. After freshening up in our rooms, we met on the hotel’s sun terrace for an aperitif. The view of the lake at dusk, accompanied by the gentle sounds of nature and the soft lapping of the waves, was simply breathtaking. The subsequent dinner at the hotel offered us an exquisite selection of local specialities that delighted every palate.

A morning full of relaxation and adventure

Freshly refreshed, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast that left nothing to be desired and prepared us perfectly for the day.
Invigorated and full of anticipation, we set off on the lake by boat. The team had decided to hire two sailing boats and a motorboat to explore the surrounding islands and St Catharina in particular. This sailing tour was not only a welcome change, but also offered spectacular views
In the afternoon, a guided tour of the construction site was on the programme. Although it may sound unusual at first, it gave us a fascinating insight into the construction phase.
Laveno offers the perfect setting for anyone looking to take a break and enjoy the Italian way of life to the full. It is a place that not only impresses with its scenic beauty, but also with the warmth of its inhabitants and the quality of the experiences on offer. The Pohl Immobilien team is grateful for this wonderful experience and can hardly wait to return.

Published on 20 March 2024