“This is exactly the kind of apartment we were looking for!”

Successfully invested… once again!

Kathleen and Steve Taddei from Phoenix/Arizona (USA) had been looking for a holiday residence in Italy for a long time. They found what they were looking for in Laveno, right at the shore of Lago Maggiore. In 2017, Kathleen and Steve purchased a 3-room apartment in the Zucchi residence, which is part of the Laveno Premium Real Estate initiative. Now, with the support of Pohl Immobilien, the American family has sold their first apartment to invest in Laveno Premium Real Estate once again. With Villa Langenkamp, the Taddeis have now acquired their dream property. A Laveno love story.

You discovered your love for Laveno in 2015. Why a holiday residence in Italy of all places?

Steve: As you can see from our name “Taddei”, we are US-Americans with Italian roots. We hold the Italian citizenship. Therefore, the desire to spend more time in this country and learn all about Italy and its culture has always been there. However, another reason for us was the unbearably hot Arizona summers, from which we wanted to escape. Only a residence in the north of Italy came into question for us.


You have started a real “house-hunting trip” through northern Italy. How did Laveno Premium Real Estate convince you?

Kathleen: We visited countless houses, apartments, towns and cities. At some point we had a pretty good overview and knew: We need an international airport nearby and a facility that offers more than an anonymous apartment. We were looking for a solution with some service and people on site to look after things when we are not there. When we came across Laveno Premium Real Estate, we had what we were looking for! With Hans Martin Pohl, who was very new to the company at the time, we were in the best hands right from the start:  We got to know and appreciate him as a very competent and trustworthy business partner.


You bought a 3-room apartment in the Zucchi residence in 2017. Now, you have sold it with the help of Pohl Immobilien and invested in LPRE again. How did this upgrade come about?

Steve: We get a lot of visitors from America and were able to accommodate friends and family well at Hotel de Charme. However, we wanted to invite them to stay with us. So, we started looking for a bigger property. When Hans Martin came to us with the plans for Villa Langenkamp, it was a real stroke of luck!

Kathleen: It really is a dream! I used to be an interior designer and now I can plan and furnish the new house entirely according to my ideas. And with the support of an excellent technical team on site!


How did the sale of the home turn out?

Steve: It went amazingly well. But we could also fully count on the support of Pohl Immobilien. For us, of course, this was a huge advantage: we knew who we were dealing with. This leap of faith was enormously important for us for such a large investment.


How much time will you now spend on Lake Maggiore?

Kathleen: As much as we can! This year I want to be there the whole summer. But we also want to come in winter to go skiing.


The Laveno Premium Real Estate residential complex on the shores of Lago Maggiore is a real project of the heart for Pohl Immobilien. With a vision in mind, company founder Peter Paul Pohl was able to purchase the lakeside property in Laveno-Mombello almost 20 years ago. On the site of an abandoned ceramics factory, an outstanding real estate project was created: a car-free residential complex that makes lakeside living tangible in all its angles and can compete with the aesthetics of Lake Maggiore. With Oneworks, Zucchi, Archea, Langenkamp and Peia, renowned names are behind the architecture of the total of five residences. A park designed by the English gardeners Gustafson & Porter and the small boutique Hotel de Charme round off the unique ensemble, and offer an exceptional all-round service for guests and residents.

Published on 15 June 2023